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Failsafe Sausage

Goat And Cumin Sauasage Meal

This recipe will make approximately 10kg of sausage mixture before cooking.

10kg of beef chuck or chicken including the skin

650g rice flour

3 leeks (cut and diced)

1 clove of garlic

1/2 cup of salt

Cut the meat into 1-2 centimetre (25/64 inch) cubes.

Combine the cubes with all other ingredients. Mix well to ensure they are spread evenly through the diced meat. Add 5 ice cubes, preferably made with filtered water, to the mixture.

Mince once with an 8-millimetre (5/16 inch) plate then repeat with a 3-millimetre (1/8 inch) plate.

Remove excess preserving salt from the casings and soak in lukewarm water. [See our Preparation Guide online for details]. This allows the casings to relax and makes them much easier to handle.

Stuff mixture into a sausage casing of your desired size.